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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

NYC People Fusion is an anonymous exchange platform for writers, thinkers, and grass-root organizers in the New York City area. You can write and exchange ideas anonymously between each other freeing the flow of positive ideas. NYCPF is heavily moderated and monitored to keep this freedom from digressing into a haven for deviance or unlawful activity.

Keep in mind that "anonymity" here refers to first-tier interaction only. It means you don't have to log your real name or any other directly identifiable information to each other, and, when logged in, can communicate with each other freely using just screen names (including the 'Tiny Tim' protocol) similar to the way you might when using a dating site.

That being said, the system operator will have access to registration information, IP addresses and other information commonly made available to a web server such as the browser you are using, the general city or region, and the ISP you are connecting from. If you are truly concerned about anonymity beyond the first-tier level, consider registering with an anonymous e-mail address and connecting through a proxy. It is said that TOR is probably the best way to surf and interact anonymously online.

As well you will be uncovered in any illegal or deviant use of the system that results in civil or police inquiry so do not even think of using this service for illicit purposes. The sysop here wants no part of your mess if you have one.

NYCPF Social Media

Outside the service you can follow NYCPF on Twitter as @NYCPeopleFusion.

NYCPF does not maintain a Facebook presence.

No Graphics - Why?

The developer's philosophy is that a system like this gains very little from a commercial user interface. In fact it loses. By avoiding the overhead of implementing a graphical environment the developer is free to concentrate exclusively on feature implementation and behavior. Plus, the minimalist approach means that NYCPF works well on all kinds of devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones. When users experience the snappy response to input and the ability to play here from just about anyplace, any concern for graphics evaporates quickly. Think Craigslist.

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